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Marshall Crenshaw, Ian Fleming, and Blowing up Casinos on next Dave White Presents! - thespyreport [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Marshall Crenshaw, Ian Fleming, and Blowing up Casinos on next Dave White Presents! [Dec. 28th, 2012|07:10 pm]
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Celebrate New Year's with Marshall Crenshaw, Ian Fleming, and Blowing Up Casinos in Lake Tahoe on the next Dave White Presents!

You probably know singer, songwriter, and guitarist Marshall Crenshaw best for his 1982 hit, "Someday, Someway." Did you know he played John Lennon in BEATLEMANIA, Buddy Holly in 1987's LA BAMBA, and that he wrote the title song for 2007's WALK HARD? Folks like Ronnie Spector, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Willis, Robert Gordon, and Bette Midler have all covered his songs.

On Jan. 1, 2013, Marshall will share all these stories and more on the first DWP of the New Year! Yep, he has new music he wants you to hear, and we'll play you some samples.

On Aug. 27, 1980, billionaire John Birges Sr. tried to extort $3 million from Harvey's Resort Hotel in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. To do this, Birges built one of the largest bombs the FBI had ever seen containing 1,000 pounds of dynamite. The bomb was the most complex improvised explosive device ever created, and a replica of it is still used in FBI training.

In his truth-is-stranger-than-fiction memoir, BOMBING HARVEY, John Birges Jr tells how his Dad suckered his two sons into joining him in the plot. In a surprising interview with Dave White, Birges discusses how he got involved and what he did and felt during and after it all went down. Boom!

If you hear the title, SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: The Secret Files of I__ F______, Code Designate 17F and think it has something to do with the creator of 007, you're right! Author Aaron Cooley's very imaginative debut novel is where known history, speculative biography, and obvious literary invention meet. What did Ian Fleming do during World War II and what happened that might have inspired the character of James Bond? Some of Cooley's book includes some intriguing "maybes," some of what happens is simple entertaining playfulness.

All of this rockin' and explosive entertainment comes your way on The next DAVE WHITE PRESENTS, Tuesday, Jan. 1 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over--

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Happy Holidays from everyone, well, both of us at Dave White Presents!