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The Grass Roots, The Buckinghams, and a New Saint on the Next Dave White Presents! [Jan. 24th, 2013|09:13 pm]
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The Grass Roots, The Buckinghams, and the Return of The Saint on the next Dave White Presents!

"Let's Live for Today." "Midnight Confessions." "Temptation Eyes." "Wait a Million Years." "Sooner or Later." "Where Were You When I Needed you?"

Between 1966 and 1972, The Grass Roots were a band that kept pumping out the hits. But did you know, after producer Lou Adler created the first group specifically to record the songs of P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri, that the entire band quit? Carrying on with the same name, a new line-up of The Grass Roots went on to sell 20 million records and entered the charts 21 times.

On Tues. Jan. 29, second generation member Dennis Provisor (keyboards, vocals, and songwriter) stops by DWP to share his memories of life on the road and in the studio. How did his incarnation of The Grass Roots evolve from a folk/rock ensemble into a group with more horns and R&B sounds? We'll share some stories behind the hits and play some for you!

"Kind of a Drag." "Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song." "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy." "Susan." "Don't You Care?"

Speaking of a string of hits, from 1966 to 1970, Chicago's The Buckinghams also helped put the brass/rock sound at the top of the charts. In fact, in 1967, Billboard Magazine said they were "the most listened to band in America."

On the next DWP, founding member, Guitarist and vocalist Carl Giammarese talks with Wes Britton about the band's history—how they started out on local TV, how a famous producer helped shape their sound, why they broke up, and what they're doing now. Yep, Carl will tell you about where and when you can hear them in 2013!

It was back in 1928 when British author Leslie Charteris published the first novel featuring Simon Templar, better known as The Saint. By the time of his death in 1993, Charteris had penned 19 full-length novels, 48 novelettes, and 95 short stories. That's his English language books, not counting his works in French. Then there are all the Saint stories written by other authors, the various Saint radio series (including one with Vincent Price), TV shows (most notably starring Roger Moore), and the films featuring actors like George Saunders and Val Kilmer. Now, he's back!

On a recent visit to LA to check out the filming of a new Saint TV pilot, Ian Dickerson, Honorary Secretary of The Saint Club, graciously shared a few minutes to talk about the history of Simon Templar—his past, present and future. Who's the new Saint? When and where can we see him?

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