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Creed Bratton (Grass Roots, The Office) and a Bob and Ray Comedy Spectacular on the Next Dave White [May. 30th, 2013|03:19 pm]
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The Next Dave White Presents is a Bob and Ray Comedy Spectacular—along with new music and stories from former Grass Roots and The Office cast member Creed Bratton!

It would be a bit of déjà vu to list the many hits of The Grass Roots again—"Temptation Eyes," Midnight Confessions," Bella Linda," Live for Today" and so many others. After all, DWP has had two Grass Roots alumni stop by this year, namely Joel Larson and Dennis Provisor.

But singer/songwriter/actor/comic Creed Bratton has many new stories to tell, both about his life before and after his Grass Root hit making days. For example, not only has Creed been issuing solo albums since 2001, his acting career has included many appearances on episodic television, most famously as a fictionalized version of himself on The Office.

Also this year, Creed's newest album, Tell Me About It, is an autobiographical concept record full of musical surprises. In an in-depth conversation with Wes Britton, Creed will go back to the glory days, explore his time on The Office, tell you about his adventures under Middle-Eastern sands, what a now legendary tablecloth had to do with his career, and what Tell Me About It is all about. Yep, we'll play two samples of Creed's new music for you!

Unlike other comedy teams of their era, Bob and Ray didn't come to prominence through vaudeville or Hollywood circuits. Their wry, dry, deadpan and incongruous routines were born on radio, crafted for radio in the late 1940's, and were essentially unchanged when they began appearing on television in the 1950s. Many of their parodies played with broadcasting itself, mocking sports announcers, man on the street interviews, soap operas, and commercials. They were intentionally far from slick, often improvising and ad libbing their lines. Remember Wally Balou? The Slow Talkers of America? Did you know Cloris Leachman and Audrey Meadows worked on their shows?

You can find out all about these stories in David Pollock's new Bob and Ray, Keener than Most Persons: The Backstayge Story of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding. It's a biography of two of the greatest radio comedians of them all, whose career lasted an astonishing 44 years. In a lively conversation with Dave White, Pollock shares long unknown secrets of Bob and Ray, and, of course, we'll play some of those bits that have influenced everyone from Harry Shearer to David Letterman to, well, Mr. Dave White himself!

So, the music and stories of Creed Bratton, the comedy and history of Bob and Ray will give you Variety with a capital V on the next DAVE WHITE PRESENTS, Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over--

You can pre-record the show at Digital Audio Recording (DAR)--

On Wed. June 5, the 90 minute show will be available as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes, through TEVO and Sticher.com, or on the player at--

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Read Wes Britton's review of Creed Bratton's Tell Me About It at:

Read Wes Britton's review of David Pollock's Bob and Ray, Keener than Most Persons: The Backstayge Story of Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding at: