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Roy Rogers Remembers Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers Rocks, and The Babys Return on the Next "Dave White P - thespyreport [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Roy Rogers Remembers Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers Rocks, and The Babys Return on the Next "Dave White P [Aug. 10th, 2013|04:40 pm]
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Roy Rogers Remembers Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers Rocks, and The Babys Return on the Next "Dave White Presents"!

On May 20, 2013, the legendary Ray Manzarek left us. Yes, he'll always be remembered for his iconic keyboard work for The Doors. But his musical legacy didn't end when that band broke up.

In particular, 7 years back, Ray hooked up with blues slide guitarist Roy Rogers and the two produced 3 albums together—BALLADS BEFORE THE RAIN, TRANSLUCENT BLUES, and the new TWISTED TALES. In fact, unless there are undiscovered tracks in The Doors vaults, TWISTED TALES is the last studio work we'll ever hear from Ray Manzarek.

On Tues. Aug. 13, Roy Rogers comes to DWP to talk about his collaboration with Ray. How did the pair come together, how did their music evolve, what are Roy's fondest memories of his partner? Of course, 8 time Grammy nominee Rogers has his own impressive resume including work with Norton Buffalo and John Lee Hooker. So we had to ask Roy about producing Hooker (including the legendary THE HEALER album) and, well, you'll have to tune in to hear all the stories. Yes, we'll play two of those TWISTED TALES for you.

Starting in 1976, Canadian guitarist Pat Travers has been blazing the hard rock trail with admirers in bands like Metallica and Rush. While not always at the top of the charts, you gotta remember songs like "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights," "Snortin' Whiskey," and "Killer." In recent years, Travers has become a major concert attraction, and he's out on the road even as we speak.

In fact, 2013 is becoming a high point for Travers as his brand-new CAN DO just might be his best album ever! It's all there—hot licks, a tight band, jumping songs, bluesy vocals. On the next DWP, Pat will tell you all about it—from his days touring with Rainbow to how CAN Do came to be. Of course, we'll play you two tasty samples.

At the same time Pat Travers was joining the ranks of hot blues/rock guitar gods, England's The Babys were early shapers of what would become known as Power Pop. Built around the lead vocals of John Waite, The Babys had a string of hits including "Isn't It Time," "Back on My Feet Again," and "Every Time I Think of You." After their five year run, Babys alumni went on to have long careers in bands like Bad English, Styx, and Journey.

Thirty years after their breakup, founding members Wally Stocker (who has played guitar for Rod Stewart, Air Supply, and Humble Pie) and drummer Tony Brock have reformed The Babys and are on the road again! They're working on a new album, and we'll play you the first single from it, "Too Soon to Say Goodbye"! That song sums up what Wally will tell you about on the next DWP. Hmm, between Rogers/Manzarek, Pat Travers, and The Babys, that means the new "Dave White Presents" will feature 6 musical selections, 5 of which are hot new releases!

There are so many ways to listen to this rock extravaganza! First, on Tuesday, Aug 13, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific, you can hear the debut broadcast over--

Or you can pre-record the show at Digital Audio Recording (DAR)--

Or on Wed. Aug. 14, the 90 minute show will be available as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes, through TEVO and Sticher.com, or on the player at--

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P.S. The Aug. 29 DWP will be our 5th Year Anniversary Special, and we have major delights in store for you! For example, How about Peter Mehlman, the Seinfeld writer who coined "Ya Da Ya Da" and "Sponge worthy"? Stay tuned---