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The Little River Band and Seinfeld on the 5th Year Anniversary Celebration of Dave White presents! - thespyreport [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Little River Band and Seinfeld on the 5th Year Anniversary Celebration of Dave White presents! [Aug. 22nd, 2013|06:44 pm]
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"Dave White Presents" Celebrates Our 5th Year Anniversary With The Little River Band, Seinfeld, and Offbeat Radio Memories!

Since 1977, Australia's Little River Band has sold over 30 million records. They were in the Top Ten for six years in a row—the first band to ever do so. Many of their hits have been played up to five million times on radio including "Reminiscing," "Lady," "Lonesome Loser," "Cool Change," and "Night Owl." Oh yea, a 1977 Top 20 single, "Happy Anniversary," was among their early successes.

As lead singer and bassist Wayne Nelson will tell you on Tues., Aug. 27, few bands have gone through more changes than Little River Band. In fact, none of the players who performed on the early hits are still with them. But Nelson, who's been with the group since 1980, has seen the ebbs and flows of popularity, and thinks 2013 is a banner year for LRB. After all, their new "The Lost and The Lonely" is yet another smash hit from their hot new album, CUTS LIKE A DIAMOND. The group is out on the road with big plans for the future and you'll hear all about it when Little River Band sings "Happy Anniversary" on "Dave White Presents"!

In 1989, Peter Mehlman didn't have much of a TV writer's resume. He was best known as a sports writer and his work with Howard Cosell. When Mehlman approached Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld about working on their new sitcom, in fact, he didn't submit a sample script but rather an essay he'd published in THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE. Jerry Seinfeld was so impressed, he hired Mehlman as a program consultant. Six years later, Mehlman was SEINFELD's co-Executive Producer.

So there's a lot of SEINFELD in Mehlman's funny new book, MANDELA WAS LATE: ODD THINGS AND ESSAYS FROM THE SEINFELD WRITER WHO COINED "YADA, YADA" AND MADE "SPONGEWORTHY" A COMPLIMENT. Now, on the Anniversary Special of DWP, Mehlman will tell you all about Howard Cosell, SEINFELD, his new book (which includes the essay that got him the SEINFELD gig), and his more recent work, like his online NARROW WORLD OF SPORTS where he interviews folks like Kobe Bryant.

But this wouldn't be an Anniversary Special without "predictably unpredictable" strolls down memory lane like quirky clips from our comedy bits, topical musical parodies, and . . . well, even the co-host has no idea what Mr. Dave White has in mind!

So Little River Band, Peter Mehlman, and audio surprises from the DWP vaults will debut On Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over--

To be sure you don't miss any of the festivities, you can pre-record the special at Digital Audio Recording (DAR)--

Then, on Wed. Aug. 28, the 90 minute show will become available on a number of online platforms--as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes, through TEVO and Sticher.com, or on the player at--

Keep up with entertainment news at the Dave White Presents Facebook page:

Thanks for listening and tune in for our second five years this September to see if we'll finally get it right!