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More on Voices Under Berlin [Jul. 29th, 2008|02:04 pm]
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In response to our interview with novelist T.H.E. Hhill (see previous post), we received the following note from Lew McDaniel who has his own memories of activities in Berlin during the Cold War. He says Hill is “spot on” in his characterizations of the folks involved and adds:

If you are interested in a sort of pictorial continuation of T.H.E.
Hill's Voices Under Berlin, see the photo links at this location:


Some lead to Berlin and German history sites, but most deal with Field
Station Berlin. Located on Teufelsberg (and called "the hill" by those
on duty there, whence the VUB author likely chose his nom de plume), FSB played a significant Cold War intelligence role from the early 1960s until decommissioning in the early 1990s. Suffice to say, the
airwaves above the plains of the former East Germany and the city of
East Berlin proved a more prolific source of information than Operation: GOLD's telephone lines.

The last site listed at the location above leads to German TV videos
detailing the search for a hidden escape tunnel under the field station
and exploration of a DDR communications bunker. There was no tunnel
under the field station; escape was not considered likely should the
Communist Bloc countries decide they wanted to overcome the station.
Interestingly, that I am aware of the Berliners never discovered the
station's true purpose, thinking instead it was a radar station of some

Thanks Lou!

Wesley Britton