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Bernie Kopell Helps DAVE WHITE PRESENTS Go Ape For Our 100th Broadcast!

He was Siegfried on GET SMART. He was Doc on THE LOVE BOAT. Would you believe—he was also the voice of Baron Von Butcher on LANCELOT LINK, SECRET CHIMP?

On Tuesday, May 22, Bernie Kopell headlines DWP to showcase the new DVD collector’s edition of LANCELOT LINK, SECRET CHIMP. LANCELOT LINK was a spy parody that ran on Saturday mornings on ABC from 1970 to 1972. Very much in the spirit of GET SMART, live chimpanzees from A.P.E. (Agency to Prevent Evil) battled Von Butcher’s C.H.U.M.P. (Criminal Headquarters for Underworld Master Plan) in between performing rock songs as the Evolution Revolution.

In a very lively and laugh-filled conversation with Wes Britton, Bernie discusses everything A.P.E. and talks about how proceeds from the DVD will help the actual Lance Link who’s alive and well and retired at the Wildlife Way Station in LA! Bernie also talks about working in series television in the ‘60s, his role as Siegfried, his memories of his friend Don Adams, and, of course, many, many stories about his nine years on THE LOVE BOAT.

Just as LANCELOT LINK was going off the air, a new blues rock band was hitting the road, the Washington D.C. based The Nighthawks. Forty years later, harp player Mark Wenner and his hard-driving group are still at it with a 40th anniversary collection called DAMN GOOD TIME! Think Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran, Jimmy Reed, and Willie Dixon all jamming together. That’s what The Nighthawks would call a hot gig, and Mark will tell you his rockin’ tales on the next DWP. Naturally, we’ll heat up the joint with two samples from the album!

For 100 blockbuster episodes, DAVE WHITE PRESENTS has offered Variety with a capital V over For our anniversary show, we’re delighted to highlight another KSAV program that’s especially unique. It’s called THE HIGH STREET BROADCAST and brings back old time radio, but we’re not talking playing the old shows. Each hour, HSB offers their own zany character sketches, original and classic songs, and a half-hour serial. Just like the old days, they perform it all live on stage. Host/Writer/Director Devlin Conners will tell you what its all about and we think you’ll add HSB to your entertainment menu when DWP isn’t around with our own, well, some call it comedy—

So that’s live chimps, GET SMART, THE LOVE BOAT, The Nighthawks, and the new/old time radio of THE HIGH STREET BROADCASTS all on a very special edition of DWp! It debuts Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over—

If you’d like to pre-record the monkeyshines, Digital Audio Recording (DAR) makes that easy--

On Wed. May 23, the 90 minute show will be available as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes and through TEVO, or on the player at--

For more information on the LANCELOT LINK collector’s set:

Read Wes Britton’s review of The Nighthawks’ DAMN GOOD TIME! at:

Find out more about THE HIGH STREET BROADCAST at:
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