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Blues with the son of Muddy Waters, Indy Pop with Big Dipper, and TV First Responders on next Dave W - thespyreport [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Blues with the son of Muddy Waters, Indy Pop with Big Dipper, and TV First Responders on next Dave W [Jan. 10th, 2013|03:25 pm]
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Blues with the son of Muddy Waters, Indy Pop with Big Dipper, and TV's First Responders on Dave White Presents!

For Mud Morganfield, "Pop" was a "Hoochie Coochie Man" with a Mojo working pretty much all the time. Pop was, in fact, McKinley Morganfield, better known as the legendary Muddy Waters.

On Tues. Jan. 15, Mud Morganfield comes to Dave White Presents and reveals that he's much more than a chip off the old block. While he shares many, many stories about "Pop," he's got his own blues to sing. Many of his original tunes are now on his highly-praised 2012 album, SON OF THE SEVENTH SON. Like past DWP guest John Lee Hooker, Jr., Mud is a latecomer to taking his place in the sun, but we think you'll get hooked on "Blues in My Shoes" and his hard-charging "Loco Motor"—two of the tracks we'll play on DWP!

On the other end of the musical spectrum, between 1987 and 1992, Boston-based Indy rock band Big Dipper earned a lot of critical praise if not stratospheric album sales. In particular, their 1987 HEAVENS is regarded by many as one of the best Indy Pop albums of the era.

In fact, when their entire back catalogue was released in 2008, the response was so spectacular that 3 Big Dipper alumni decided to hit the road and record some new music. Four years later, CRASHES ON THE PLATINUM PLANET is the happy result.

On the next DWP, founding member Gary Waleik stops by to talk about all things Big Dipper from their jangly twin guitars, intricate harmonies, and extremely poetic lyrics written by three unique and quirky songwriters. We'll play two choice cuts including the rockin' "Guitar Named Desire: The Animated Sequel." Sound intriguing?

Of all the heroes we've seen on TV over the years, you might not think firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, lifeguards, forest rangers, and the Coast Guard were all that popular. But as actual fireman Richard Yokley chronicles in his FIRST RESPONDERS OF TELEVISION, these professionals have been there from the beginning, not only in supporting roles in police and medical dramas, but in shows like RESCUE 8, EMERGENCY!, SAVED, and RESCUE ME.

As Yokley tells Dave White, First Responders have been important in fictional shows and reality series all over the globe, and capturing what they do has been challenging and eye-opening for audiences and producers alike. Find out why on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, then 7:30 Pacific over--

You can pre-record the show at Digital Audio Recording (DAR)--

On Wed. Jan. 16, the 90 minute show will be available anytime you like as a podcast, mp3 download, from itunes, through TEVO and Sticher.com, or on the player at--

Future guests include Carl Giammarese of the Buckinghams, Dennis Provisor from the Grass Roots, and Ian Dickerson from The Saint Club with hot news about a new Saint pilot being shot in LA even as we speak!

So keep up with entertainment news at the Dave White Presents Facebook page:

So get your Mojo working for a New Year of Dave White Presents! Hear you then!