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A Throne for an Alien takes The Beta-Earth Chronicles to Strange New Places!

A Throne for an Alien - The Beta Earth Chronicles: Book Four
Wesley Britton
Publisher: BearManor Media (August 1, 2016)

Media Contact: Ben Ohmart

Wes Britton’s sci-fi series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles, orbits in a realm light years away from Star Trek or Star Wars.

The Blind Alien (Book 1) followed Malcolm Renbourn, a man from our world, unwittingly transferred to a parallel Earth and forced to adapt to new cultures and a new language while coming to grips with the loss of his sight. In The Blood of Balnakin (Book 2), Tribe Renbourn traveled to a new continent, where even stranger adventures awaited. The story continued in When War Returns (Book 3), where Renbourn and his wives clashed with a throne, a church, assassins, and scientist-spies.

Everything changes in A Throne for an Alien (Book 4). Once again, Tribe Renbourn is on the run, but this time they’re not alone. Fleeing the outbreak of war in the country of Alma, a fleet of ships follows them as hundreds of exiles seek sanctuary.

Landing at the country of Hitalec, the Renbourns learn prophecy has foretold that this island will be their new home, but once again, a throne complicates everything. A dying Queen insists that Malcolm bond with one of her daughters to connect her people with the new settlers. After her death, a new Queen and her lover seek to make the Renbourns pawns in their militaristic power grabs that boil into an ultimate confrontation.

Can one Renbourn wife team with the head of the Collective to give Beta-Earth the cure to the ancient Plague-With-No-Name before their lives upturn in a final showdown?

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