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thespyreport's Journal

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Welcome to Thespyreport, an extension of Wes Britton’s website—


There, you’ll find exclusive interviews, articles, and resources on all aspects of espionage. You’ll find surprising sections on James Bond, spy movies, TV shows, and books including behind the scenes stories you won’t find anywhere else. At Spywise.net, you’ll find insights into spycraft, fact, fiction, and the connections between them.

Here at thespyreport, we share breaking news on all aspects of espionage in fact and fiction--of course, the hottest news this year is the publication of my fourth book, The Encyclopedia of TV Spies arriving in March 2009 by way of Bear Manor Media! In the coming months, expect announcements about how to get it, what’s in it, and news about where Dr. Wesley Britton will be to talk about the book. The Encyclopedia of TV Spies covers it all, discussing the hits, misses, the rare, the obscure, and all this with details you won’t find anywhere on the net!

You can now order The Encyclopedia of TV Spies from Bear Manor Media!

Publication date: March 1, 2009
Format: softcover
Pages: 497
ISBN: 1-59393-325-8
Price: $29.95

We welcome your feedback, announcements, and responses. Want to interview Wes Britton? Simply reply to any post here or write us at